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DrawingAviel Electronics designs and manufactures custom RF/microwave connectors, adapters and cable assemblies for military, aerospace and industrial applications. Aviel provides total turnkey solutions from concept to design, from design to prototype and from prototype to manufacture. Aviel has provided design and manufacture capabilities for 50 years with personal service and quick response designs, generally with non-recurring engineering or tooling expense. 1 piece to a Million pieces.

From Concept to Reality

AVIEL ELECTRONICS innovative design and manufacturing capabilities allow for a quick reaction to your specific needs and short lead time for prototype components, generally without non-recurring engineering or tooling costs.

With interfaces conforming to MIL-C-39012 and MIL-STD-348, AVIEL ELECTRONICS will design and fabricate connectors for various cables, including semi-rigid, foam and tape low-loss dielectric and the more common RG series with various characteristic impedance levels. In addition, we offer a variety of other mounting methods such as flange mount, bulkhead, screw-in, snap-on, blind mate and blind mate-floating designs.

Connector size range from sub-miniature to type “L” as well as Nano-Hex, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, BNC, N, SC and HN; as well as non-standard configurations required for specific applications.


Aviel Electronics and its subdivisions are AS9100D certified.

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Custom and Standard RF Coaxial Products


Standard, miniature, sub-miniature, unique, reverse polarity, blind mate, very high frequency

Available bodies: stainless steel, brass, aluminum, others

Available plating: gold, nickel, silver, passivation, others

Cable Assemblies

Cable Assembly

Flexible/braided,semi-rigid, conformable, phase matched

Manufacturing Capabilities

Aviel Facilities

1pc prototype fabrication to 1,000,000 pcs high volume manufacture

Conforming Standards

MIL-C-39012, DIN 47223, IEC 169-4, CECC22190, MIL-STD-348, FCC Part 15.203

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